Jenny Boezem, Carol Britton, Jean Hellwig and Amina Blackwood Meeks enjoy the succesful presentation at the Biblioteca Nasional of Aruba.
New stories in Anansi Masters
For seven years already Anansi Masters has been publishing stories about the spider Anansi, Nanzi or Kweku Ananse. After stories from Ghana and the Netherlands you can now enjoy Nanzi stories from Curaçao and Aruba on this website. Follow and like us on Facebook!

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Nataly Pas
Nataly Pas - expo Curaçao
Painter Nataly Pas receives us in her colorful house. We see a number of her paintings on the bright colored walls.
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Anansi Masters event in Curaçao (Brionplein)
Nanzi fiesta in Curaçao
Storytellers told their Nanzi stories in front of an enthusiastic audience in the open air at the Brionplein, Curaçao. Rendel Rosalia performed with his tambú bandfilm and Roy Colastica presented the event.
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Work of Vali Leonora inspired by the story 'Nanzi and the King’s horse' told by Laura Quast  -  Anansi Masters exhibition Curaraçao
Vali Leonora - expo Curaçao
At a table in the garden we see all kinds of discarded and broken stuff, neatly sorted. For most people it is waste but for artist Vali Leonora it is precious material.

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-- onderschrift --
Nanzi reconquers Aruba
Anansi Masters has firmly put Nanzi back on the map of Aruba. In striving to visit all cultures where Nanzi went ashore it now was Aruba's turn.

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Girigorio ‘Papy’ Adriana
Girigorio ‘Papy’ Adriana - expo Curaçao
The studio of painter Girigorio Adriana, also known as Papy Adriana, is a part of his living room separated by a curtain. On his easel is a painting of a Curaçao house. On two other easements we see sketches of new work.

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Painting by Merly Trappenberg - Anansi Masters exhibition Curaçao
Merly Trappenberg - expo Curaçao
MerlyTrappenberg comes from Venezuela and got acquainted with Nanzi through her childrens' schoolbooks. Soon she discovered that this cunning spider expresses the pain of the slaves. She sees clear links with Curaçao present life.

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Denis Sint Jago
Denis Sint Jago - expo Curaçao
The 'urban look' of Denis Sint Jago with dark sunglasses en black shirt suits him well. He has strong opinions about Nanzi: as a story figure the cunning spider is far too naughty and too cruel.
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Joan van Leeuwen
Joan van Leeuwen - expo Curaçao
Joan van Leeuwen is a creative go-getter. She can make anything: from complete floats for carnival to big mascots for the baseball club and colorful headdresses for the ballet school.
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Wendell Thielman (Wenchi)
'Wenchi' Thielman - expo Curaçao
Surrounded by nature, a stone's throw away from the sea and the flamingos, we find the house of Wendell Thielman. Wenchi, as he calls himself, is painting on the veranda with a view of the beautiful Curaçao landscape.
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Painting by Lorraine Rosalia - Anansi Masters exhibition Curaçao
Lorraine Rosalia - expo Curaçao
At the home of Lorraine Rosalia we are welcomed by a couple of curious dogs. She just moved in and most of her paintings are still at her father's.

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